In this section, all the terms are listed by alphabetical order.

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See also echarse un cloro. Women also use this expression.

Felación - translation into english - examples spanish | reverso context

Compound forms include rompebolas, rompehuevos, rompepelotas, hinchabolas, hinchahuevos and hinchapelotas for a person who bothers [m, f, adj] ; 3. See also culo.

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The goal is to give the most blowjobs in the shortest amount of time. It's a contest of sorts. See also concha.

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See also culear, culo flojo. See also cloro. Someone needs to explain to me right now what is wrong with people. See also baile.

Spanish fly: natural aphrodisiac or empty promise?

See also polvo. See also bailar. By Alexia LaFata July 3, Forget soccer: The new competitive sport taking Europe by storm is "Mamading," and it involves oral sex in exchange for free drinks.

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An article on Vice that has since been taken down said the trend has been occurring for a few years, but is recently getting worse. See also bolas. The video is obviously extremely NSFW, but if you insist on watching it, follow this link.

People on Twitter were disgusted upon seeing the video, and it has sparked outrage in Spain. These expressions are also used for men.

Spain women for oral sex

The DJ just announced it, and he was like, 'Go on then. See also choto.

Woman suffers severe allergic reaction to partner's medication after giving oral sex | wjla

See also escopeta, pistola. I wonder if she kisses her mam with tht mouth? Girl has zero class and clearly no respect for herself — Rushina Paris RushinaParis July 3, Saw that mamading video. The DJ is heard cheering everything on in the background.

The success of an affair depends on the amount of oral

Normally, a woman who engages in the most amount of fellatio in the shortest amount of time receives unlimited access to orwl alcohol in Magaluf. Spanish may have problems with this verb since cojer is, in all persons and tenses, phonologically exactly like coger 'to take hold of' ; in Argentina agarrar is used instead of coger due to obscure circumstances. All for a free drink?!

Spain women for oral sex

Chinese; applied to any Asian properly Chinese, but also Japanese or Korean ; see ponja. In this section, all the terms are listed by alphabetical orl. The vid of the girl in Magaluf doing the rounds on social media is prob the most distressing thing I've seen in ages.

See also bala, balero. I saw a lad blowing another lad the other day on a booze cruise.