The actress-singer rose to prominence as a member of girl band f x.

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She went on to audition for SM Entertainment, one of Korea's biggest entertainment companies, and was accepted as a trainee, a much-coveted gig. In front of his mother, the son admits to learning Lanton was his father, getting a job to work with him, and killing him when he sees that he still has no respect for women.

The actress-singer rose to prominence as a member of girl band f x. She brazenly spoke out. A local road crew foreman Chris Ranney daitng the man as Ross Lanton. The year-old died at home on Monday.

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Ferg finds the weapon that killed Lanton at Holly's place. Inshe returned to singing, releasing a solo debut single with SM titled Inxian, in which she played a character with dissociative identity disorder, ly known as multiple personality disorder. But a year later, Sulli took a break from the entertainment industry, with SM Entertainment saying she was "suffering physically and mentally from malicious and untrue rumours spreading about her".

She is being remembered by her fans as someone who made sure her voice was heard. After Delila's pimp is arrested, she describes the car that Lanton got into the night he died. But she came to be known for speaking out on mental health issues, cyberbullying and women's rights - issues that remain sensitive in a conservative society like South Korea.

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Walt and Vic go to Lanton's residence and find Ross Lanton's truck but no one is home. She tells Walt that Lanton raped her 20 years ago and God has answered her prayers to kill him. On a hunch, Walt questions Holly's year-old son Devon Grayewho drives a car like the one described.

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The K-pop industry is also known for the pressure it puts on its idols to maintain a wholesome image. They girlx the neighbors and talk to them about Lanton and discover Lanton's wife had filed for divorce and moved back to North Carolina after Greg, the neighbors husband, followed Lanton to the county line truckstop and records video of Ross hiring a prostitute. Finally, Walt calls Cady, but her phone is at her house while she arrives in Denver and asks to speak to Detective Fales.

Sulli didn't fit this mould. She was one who intentionally raised her voice and wanted to be heard," said Yoonha Kim, a K-pop critic based in Korea. Struggles and trolling What really made her stand out was her outspokenness - a trait not common among K-pop stars, who Beautiful housewives wants hot sex Douglas remain very private about their lives and thoughts.

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She was also a talk show host on a programme known as The Night of Hate Comments, which featured celebrities talking about their experiences with hate gorls and cyberbullying. The coroner's report shows he ate turducken before he died, leading Walt and his team to a truck stop on the county line.

She has a breakdown and drags a deer carcass into the Indiah. Greg has a black eye which matches the defensive wounds on Lanton's hands. As one music critic put it: "She laughed when she wanted to laugh and cried when she wanted to cry. She didn't fit the mould.

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Inshe made her debut with K-pop Vcitoria group f x. Inshe officially quit the group and decided to focus primarily on acting.

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Meanwhile, after seeing Cady's mail piled up and having no contact with her, Branch visits Henry's bar to ask if he has heard from her, which he hasn't. A drunken Holly appears and admits to knowing Lanton.

There, they uncover a prostitution ring, and prostitute Delila Allie MacDonald tells Walt that the dead man smelled of tar.