Author: gordon I like to hang with my buddy Lamar as much as I can; he is 18 years old, same age as me. I have known him all my life through buddiez school and stuff.

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I could Lakar the friction of his cock from all sides of my throat as he snaked it deeper down my throat, making me gag and spit up saliva. Taking his cock as deep down my throat as my comfort zone will let me before I spit up saliva.

Clayton held me firmly over his shoulder stroking my firm white butt as he carried me to his bed to be fucked by both of them. I pulled the foreskin back exposing the glistening glans of his large mushroom cock head.

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Buddiies stroked his butt and the back of his powerful legs. His sweaty pants dropped to his ankles, he stepped out of them and kicked them to one side. Clayton was looking on as he wiped sweat off his face. Holding his cock in his hand he looked down at me.

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On several occasions I have wrestled with Lamar, feeling his body and being close up to him is a very sensual experience. s : 1 [ 6 Bloomingburg pussy or rate or check all gordon stories. I was soaking in it. I was feeling really horny. I lay there with my legs spread wide apart my insides stretched to the limits by his big black uncut cock.

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Ubddies guys get satisfaction in this hot and horny episode. His cock was fast hardening. Lamar stood aside. I ran my finger tips down the shaft of his cock. My ass and throat was full of father and son caramel sperm juice. Clayton used his fingers to stretch my hole open. His dad lives mostly of the land he is cool and layback.

The sensation and excitement at being finger fucked and having my cock stroked, I soon shot my load. Lamar followed squeezing and stroking his hard big black cock.

See for yourself why they get together for more than old time sake. I took his big black cock in my hands it felt sticky warm and heavy. The overflow was pouring out my mouth down my chin onto my chest, down to my crotch, dripping off my balls.

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He stroked my chest with his big black hands making me tremble with excitement and giving me a feeling of intense pleasure. My jaw was beginning to ache from having been stretched by their big black cocks.

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I was standing on the front porch in a tight, slutty outfit, looking hot and sexy as hell, staring back at my boss. Clayton grabbed my hair and pulled my head back, he was holding his now hard cock. Again he just stood there. His brothers all live and work away from home. Lamar was looking on waiting his turn. See how these two fill that need at the end of the work day.

He lives with his dad out of town off the main highway down a dirt track in an isolated forest area.

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The whole of his body convulsed as the instinct to push his cock deep buddis my throat and shoot his load of live sperm deep in me possessed him. I have known him all my life through high school and stuff. Lying in bed thinking about Woburn MA adult personals fucking me only takes a few strokes before I shoot my load.

After awhile we had plenty of wood to stack.

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This volume depicts the chase for sex as if telling you over our back fence. Fuck this was an awesome moment, I had fanaticized and jacked off so many times in the past and now it was really happening. My entire body shuddered with excitement.

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The head slipped in, making me scream out some more there were tears in my eyes. I could feel the warm live sperm juice squirting inside me.

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My brains were in my hands; they wanted to touch his flaccid black cock. His stiff cock was hitting me in the face. When one has a bad day, the other can help relieve the tension. I could feel the friction of his cock rubbing the inside of my gut as he slid his big cock into me. Looking down I could see the cheeks of his hairy butt tense and relax to the motion of his stride. Clayton knelt in front of me.

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His natural instinct was to thrust as deep into me as possible to deliver his hot live sperm juice as far into my gut as he could. Clayton shared me with his other 5 sons. Clayton looked at me with a smile and handed me his axe.