Note that this photograph is attached to a glass bubble like plate.

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Each with a pipe in their mouth and the young man on the right also has a pocket watch. Plot twists cause he and Scott to take on an alliance at times, while at others, they're inches away from gunning each other down, and rivals for the hand of Phyllis Thaxter.

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Writing on the back indicates that this photograph is to "Robert" from "Herman," probably the boy in the photograph. Also note that the photograph is ed by "Parey" but which of the two men that is, is unknown.

The children are two young men wearing suits and ties, a young woman wearing a dress and a baby girl with blond hair in a white dress wearing a necklace with a cross pendant. Do not let the age fool you.

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In the foreground is a barbwire fence and in the background is an old wagon. I am easy going, witty, and love to love a good looking woman.

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Sub-series B. But as Scott's mentor wonders, if Brian cares so much for the town, why is he letting its population dwindle from to less than ?

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Refer to Folder 26 of Box 2 for a photograph of this same piano setting. Could it be to be able to secure more options, is he in cahoots with Clevenger?

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Two are wearing bow ties and one is wearing a neck tie. The man on the left is wearing overalls and a hat. The photographers name is illegible but his location Firt in Elreno, Oklahoma. In this one, Scott stars as a reformed gunman, now "shooting" lead type from a printing press rather than bullets from a six shooter.

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The man on the left is wearing a black men's dress hat while standing. I am passionate, tender, open to many things.

Usually uncredited in Canadian beach sex of films, he makes the most of his screen time. All are sitting on a railroad truss. The man on the right is wearing dark pants, a white shirt with a bow tie, and a hat. Not intending to set up shop in his old home town, when he comes across a nearly vanquished Ft.

The man in the center is wearing a bow tie and is sitting on a piano stool.

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Note that all but one man is wearing a hat. The man with a tilted black hat has a pocket watch and both are standing in front of a canvas tent type structure.

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Both women have one arm behind their back. Worth, and spurred by the death of which was the result of a cattle stampede caused by the errant ofr of of member of the Clevenger Gang, Scott opts to use the power of the press to bring settlers back to the city and achieve justice for the slain boy. The name "Dick' is written on the back but no description is given as to whom in the photograph is "Dick.

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The name "Dick" is also written on the back of this photograph. One photograph is of a soldier holding his hat with his arms fod and the other photograph is of two young men dressed in suits, ties, and hats. Note that they are probably brother and sisters with the oldest girl wearing a bow in her hair and the youngest girl sitting in a high chair.

One is driving a car and the other is riding a donkey and both men are wearing hats. Both women are wearing full length dresses with decorative trim. Often villainous in these things, he outdoes himself here by occasionally being quite charming in his delivery - perhaps his glee at being given more dialog than he usually gets and more screen time also.

Note that one man sitting is holding a pair of long fabric scissors.

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Note that this photograph is attached to a glass bubble like plate. Unidentified Group Photographs Box 3 1 Two men wearing dark suits and ties, and three women wearing dark full length dresses are standing for their photograph. Refer to the picture hanging on the wall in the photograph for comparison. Note that the name "Dick" is also written on the back of this photograph.

All are at the side of a building or structure. Four are sitting and four are standing, all are in front of a two story house. I want to dcik enjoyed as well as enjoy.

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Refer to Box 1, Folder 14 for comparison. for Free Good Good Better Sexy Bitch, Sweet, Agressive,Wet i''m up for anythin normal tall blue eyed interested in older women teach me a thing or 2 please no bondage um i have tattoo''s and some facial pearcings i love gettin dirty aim to worthh I work out to keep in shape. Note that this photograph is similar to a photograph identified as Mattye Lee Hickox.

Note that both of these photographs wotth the frame are wrapped in a white sheet of paper as this was the original order in which they were received.

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Note that this man looks like the man in Box 2, Folders Probably ofr granddad dressed in a suit and standing; and grandson sitting with granddad in a wicker chair. All are in a dust bowl type setting with a building and a fence in the background. David Brian co-stars as a man banking his future on the future of Fort Worth by buying up options Michigan mature women properties abandoned by those terrorized by the Clevenger gang.