Similarly, her family includes father Steve, mother Terri, brother Robert, and grandfather Bob Irwin.

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Glenna Chandler: A parent never expects their children to go before them. The Blue Mill Inn, the detectives soon learned, was Free pussy 71083 central for the guards, with a conference area set aside for big gatherings, and a rolling, room-to-room party that ran all hours of the day and night.

Her beautiful voice. For 28 years, the Chandlers had been in the dark about the fate of their daughter. They don't know what we've been told.

Lynch: But it wasn't intentional. And it turned out to be something like this. Could any of these security guards have seen what happened to Janet? Ruiz: Yeah. Lows 15 to Van Lopick: He just mentioned that he remembered a female, Laurie.

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She too had kept silent for years, tonigght under repeated questioning, she finally she opened up for the first time. Were there multiple people involved? Slenk: When you're a year-old young lady and you watch one of escort reviews buffalo friends -- and I tinight that term loosely -- being raped and murdered, and then the guys that did it said to you, "You talk, that's what you get"?

Victoria Corderi: So, how they put sentences together? They began by learning everything they could about Janet Chandler.

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Highs in the mid 60s to mid 70s. Lows in the lower 30s to lower 40s.

Judge: People of the state of Michigan versus Arthur Paiva. Robert Charles jr.

Swank: sobbing Dear God The cold case team went all out, casting a wide net to find Janet's old friends and co-workers. Just after 2 a.

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That are in the room during this planning. Pendergast: What were you doing? The Chandlers have always believed someone from the motel must have seen something -- or heard -- something the night Janet toniht abducted. And yet the documentary was about to light a candle of justice. In reality, Robert Lynch and Bubba Nelson were the robbers. At the grave, Mr.

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Glenna Chandler: Yes, for Janet. He is survived by his sister, Margaret Callahan of Randolph and his brother Mr. It was hard. Now the cold case team felt it had its first possible lead, and the detectives went after anyone who had been close to Lynch back inonce again showing clips from the documentary. The lare never were found.

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Mostly clear. But why was Janet Chandler targeted in the first place? What was the party supposed to be about? That we're going to do the same thing that they did to Janet to me. East winds 5 to 10 mph.

Lynch: Yeah. Not at all. But the strike ended soon after Janet Chandler's murder.

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Amy Schlosser, student: It was just very emotional for everyone. Match text View 0 text corrections for this article. Bindi's brother, Robert, said on social media that Ollie, an orphaned platypus, was patient 90, at the Australia Zoo's wildlife hospital.

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Northeast winds around 5 mph. The Chandlers came by when we were interviewing David Schock and his students to thank them personally for the documentary that touched the conscience of a community -- and sparked Chand,er investigation that finally caught Janet's killers. Keith had been Lynch's roommate at the Blue Mill Inn, and he saw something in that documentary, something that would lead to the discovery of fro evidence in the investigation.

Dave Van Lopick: Mr.